All health sector organisations have a vital role to play in adapting to our changing climate. Our actions will have an impact on people’s health and wellbeing and the way services are delivered. We expect the effects of climate change are expected to be unequally distributed, affecting disadvantaged people and groups the most. Our efforts to reduce emissions and to adapt our systems must also reduce these inequalities.


NHSScotland Standards for Organisational Resilience 2018

Sections 9 and 10 set out the Standards for Climate Change and Supply Chain (Standards 38 and 39)

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Adaptation Scotland

We provide advice and support to help Scotland be prepared and resilient to the effects of climate change.

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UK Climate Change Risk Assessment

Climate change impacts for the UK are inevitable, but ambitious joint action to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change can help to reduce the risks.

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Climate Change Projections for Scotland

Climate projections indicate that the changes we have already experienced in our climate, over the last century, will continue and intensify over the coming decades.

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SEPA Flood Hazard and Risk Information

Check for long term flood risk in your area, find out where to get information to manage your flood risk and view a map of flood risk

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